The RJ45 connectors acc. to IEC 60603-7-5 are available in two designs. The 8-way Cat.6 connector for stranded wire cables AWG26/7-22/7 or solid wire cables AWG26/1-22/1 can easily be assembled onsite without any special tools. The maximum cable diameter is 8.5 mm. The connector features the T568 A/B and PROFINET pin assignment and a 360º shielding connection. The small and robust zinc diecast housing can also be supplemented with a colour coding. The 8-way Cat.6 connector for stranded wire cables AWG27/7-24/7 and solid wire cables AWG27/1-24/1 completes the product line. Assembled with a crimp tool it offers shielding connection and a wire presorting for easy handling, too. The strain relief pressure is thereby absorbed by the cable jacket. This avoids deformation of wires. Retrofit, 2-part cable boots in different colours are available additionally. Suitable crimp tools, one for less frequent usage, the other for professional application round-off the product range. Both connectors are capable for use in multiport-applications such as patch panels, switches, etc.
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