Modern industrial and building wiring envisions linking the office network with the manufacturing network and its subordinate production cells and machinery. The applicable standard for this, ISO/IEC 24702:2006 resp. EN 50173-1 and -3:2007, are intended for situations with a high level of bidirectional traffic between the administration and manufacturing areas whereby realtime transmissions with high security, 100% availability and simultaneous high investment security must all be guaranteed. The increasing interconnection of machinery, equipment and measuring instruments in the production area using connectors already known from office wiring applications demands that these be adapted to the higher stresses presented by the contamination-prone, rough industrial environment. Aside from a variety of RJ45 IP67 connectors, Telegärtner therefore also offers designs for connecting glass and polymer fibres in order to meet this challenge. Ethernet connectors from Telegärtner give you a decisive advantage since these products are not only 10Gbit compliant acc. to IEEE 802.3an, but their housings are also in compliance with the IEC 61076-3-106 standard.
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