Telegärtner goes Industrie Ethernet is also outside of office buildings , a widely used technology . The Industrial Ethernet though same cabling components as in the office can be used in some cases. But in the harsh manufacturing environment , the components of a data network much larger loads are exposed : dust, moisture , chemicals, mechanical loads , extreme temperatures and higher levels of electromagnetic loads put the wiring and to provide entirely new requirements. At the same time in manufacturing high reliability and availability is required , because a failure - and it was only of short duration - will inevitably lead to substantial financial losses . Especially in the industrial environment , the quality and reliability of the components imaging , is therefore crucial - especially for the junction boxes and connectors . Besides the quality of carefully matched components of protection against the penetration of solids and liquids is also important in industrial applications. Telegartner has addressed this issue and developed based on our proven millions of times connectors from the office area , a forward-looking solution for " Industrial Ethernet" .
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