Product description Telegärtner FO connectors are equipped with ceramic ferrules and split sleeves which are essential for precision and endurance; termination to cables or fibres may be carried out using common tools and accessories. The preformed convex front end of the connector ferrule provides extremely short polishing duration and exceptional optical performance. All FO connectors comply with the current international standards. The current requirements to achieve in FO applications the same port density as with RJ45 connectors have led to newly developed FO connector systems named SFF (= Small Form Factor). Telegärtner offers the connector types MT-RJ and LC within this system. The space requirements in panels or outlets are only half of those required by common connector types such as ST or SC. The T-SC/APC connector type (Angled Physical Contact) with 8° angled polished ferrule end face has been developed for transmission lines with particular high return loss requirements for better than 60 dB. The connectors are available as pigtails or cable assemblies, the connector and adapter housings are green for easy identification. The T-ST3 type provides an internal strain relief, which avoids signal interruption when pulling the cable (N.O.D.). For Plastic Fibres (POF) with 1 mm fibre diameter an economical metal connector is available providing extremely quick assembly using simple accessories without adhesive. Telegärtner offers a complete range of components within this system: FO connectors, jacks for outlets prepared for direct field termination of fibres, adaptors, patch cables, adaptor cables, outlets with guaranteed bending radii and suitable for standard switching programs, patch panels with and without telescope operation as well as wall boxes in differerent sizes.
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