Product description The data outllet AMJ4 you only find out from which direction you can lead cables in once you are at the site. This is no problem with the AMJ45: you can select from among eight possible directions, in 45 degree angle increments, on site. With the optional surface mount set from Telegärtner, you can transform the AMJ45 into a surface-mounted outlet, and up to three can fit into a subfloor mounting box. One of the key features of 5 combines many features in a single design with an attractive cost/benefit ratio. Usuallythe AMJ45 series is an RJ45 jack for 8-pin connectors with automatically operating, spring-loaded, side reduction elements that guarantee a precise seat of even the narrower 6-pin RJ11/12 connectors in the outlet (Cat. 5e outlets only). Furthermore the AMJ45 can be combined with nearly every switching program. Other features such as dust protection covers, direct plug-in ground connectors, flip-up labels that cannot be get lost, a fully shielded metal housing, a separable 5x1 packaging, and much, much more will make your decision to reduce your current stock levels an easy one. The data outlets of the series VAD® Cat.6/Class E distinguish themselves through excellent transmission performance as well as particularly user-friendly installation. The transmission requirements for a Class E channel acc. to ISO/IEC 11801 2nd edition can be met with a big margin, corresponding certification is available. The cable duct type provides a variable height adjustment which ensures perfect installation no matter what combination of channel and equipment box sizes or switching programme covers is used. The unshielded data outlet UMJ45 combines numerous characteristics in a single constructions, and this at an attractive price/performance ratio. Generally, it is only at the installation site that you are able to determine the direction from which cables can be fed. No problem: on site, the UMJ45 offers you eight possible directions in 45-degree increments for the UP, and four possible directions in 90-degree increments for the AP. Furthermore the AMJ45 can be combined with nearly every switching program. Optionally, UMJ45 outlets with preinstalled claws, for screw-less, empty outlets type UP (cabling duct mounting), are also available on request. One of the key features of the UMJ45 series is an RJ45 outlet for 8-pin connectors with automatically operating, spring-loaded, side reduction elements that guarantee a precise seat of even the narrower 6-pin RJ11/12 connectors in the outlet (Cat. 5e and ISDN connection outlets only). Other features such as compatibility with the 50x50 AMJ45 cover plate, retrofittable dust flaps, optionally available central panels with a flip-up, loss-proof, transparent label field (for 2-way outlets only), and the attractive stand-alone surface mounting type will make your decision to reduce the variety of your in-stock components easier. The design-capable ISDN S0 outlets from the series UMJ45 comprise an installation system based on 8-pole RJ45 jacks according to the standard EN60603-7 for ISDN S0 bus. Connection is 4-, 6- or 8 -pole. The 4-pole connected ISDN S0 outlets are marked to the specifications of German Telekom with 1a;1b for transmit and 2a; 2b for receive. The outlets are using a 50x50 mm mounting plate and are therefor suitable for use with the devices of other manufactures.The modular jacks are as 45° design deliverable.The UP0 interface is a two-wire interface for telephone systems. A universal equipment mounting for data outlets in all popular cable ducts is now available from Telegärtner. This mounting offers the installer a user-friendly and space-saving device for installing data transmission outlets in new or existing perimeter cable ducts. Furthermore, it has also been designed to accomodate the required bending radii for both copper and fibre-optic cables. If desired, the 3-sided shell can be slotted onto the mounting to shield it from power cables. The mounting set can be installed in wiring duct systems of various manufacturers such as Ackermann, Rehau, Tehalit etc. It can be fixed onto c-rails, top-hat rails and combi-rails with 35 mm pitch. Telegärtner offers a wide range of various applications in which AMJ and UMJ modules and coupler can be installed for flexible use. Additional adaptors are not required. Note Designs with claw claps for flush mounted outlets without screws are also available on request. Mechanical Characteristics Insertion force: ≤ 20 N Durability (mating cycles): ≥ 750 Material: Shielding housing: zinc diecast Material: Housing VAD Ap Compact Material: Housing UMJ45 Material: Insulators: PA6, PBT, ABS, PC Material: PCB: FR4 Material: PCB finish: Cu 35/35 zinc-plated Material: Contact spring: CuSn, spring steel Material: Contact finish: min. 0,8 µm Au on 1,2 µm Ni Material: Cable ties LSA Plus: Cu conductor diameter: 0.4 - 0.65 mm AWG 26/1 - AWG 22/1 LSA Plus: Wire diameter: 0.7 - 1.7 mm Screw clamp: Cu-conductor diameter Electrical Characteristics Contact resistance: RJ45 jack: ≤ 20 mΩ Insulation resistance: ≥ 500 MΩ Voltage proof: contact-contact: ≥ 1000 V= Voltage proof: contact-shield: ≥ 1500 V= Working current at 50° C: 1 A Transfer impedance: at 1 MHz: ≤ 100 mΩ Transfer impedance: at 10 MHz: ≤ 200 mΩ Transfer impedance: at 80 MHz: ≤ 1600 mΩ Climatic Characteristics Tested / classified in accordance with DIN IEC 60068-1: 25/070/21
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