Screening classes A and B To reduce egress and ingress to a tolerable level, our CATV cables are equipped with screening constructions which fulfil the latest standards EN 50117-2-n. Drop cables follow class A, B or C, Trunk cables reach Class A+ or A++ performance. Due to applications with backward channel operation and higher EMI demands, the trend clearly leads to cables with utmost shielding - we can supply cables with > 120dB screening. Anti-aging and low reflections The dielectrics consist of physically foamed cellular PE, thus no chemical additives are needed and no aging effects appear. Halogen-free and flame-retardant For each application the correct sheath material. You can choose between PVC and FRNC (flame-retardant non-corrosive) for indoor or PE for outdoor use. Also special water resistant FRNC materials are available.
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