fiber optic assembly / fiber optic splicing and measuring

FO Messen

Glass fibre splicing

We carry out glass fibre assembly services. We splice exclusively with high-quality, telecom-approved equipment, currently: Sumitomo and Fujikura.

FO Messen

Fiber optics - Measuring

We measure and certify fiber optic networks or individual fiber optic cables. We use an OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) measuring device from Anritsu: ACCESS Master MT9083B2. This enables us to certify fiber lengths up to 40 km. For singlemode fibers we measure with wavelengths of 1300/1550 nm, for multimode fibers with 850/1300 nm. For all measurements we of course produce measurement protocols.

FO Installation

dibkom Zertifikat: LWL Installation

Our employees have special expertise in the laying and processing of fibre optic cables and the associated connection technology. They are familiar with special measurement technology, safety regulations and documentation requirements. They are certified by the German Institute for Broadband Communication (dibkom).
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