Business policy

As we are located in a world of information and communication technology, it is our mission to establish and develop connections - connections between people, between people and information, between people and their environment …
There is a fundamental need for increased communication amongst everyone. Our trading goods enable you to intensify and extend your communication network - economically, progressively and as secure as possible.

We trade successfully.

We work towards success. In this industry we cannot simply wait for coincidences, we set our self goals and actively work towards making them a reality.

Our definition of success includes:

  • Being a strong and independent company, which fulfils economical and socially worthwhile duties and responsibilities.
  • Running a future-orientated and efficient organisation, which can easily adapt to new situations.
  • Meeting high quality standards in everything we do.
  • Achieving a good reputation for being a company through which the public benefits from our economic well-being and where employees are respected for their performance, their personality and their integrity.

  • Our boss is the customer.

    We are bound to the personal and economic success of our customers. They are entitled to competent, reliable and committed service. Our customers are assured value for money receiving quality goods and performance.
    Our success comes from our successful customers. Therefore, we aim help each of our customers with all our means possible.

    We are constantly self-evaluating.

    The organisation of our business is affected by the power of change. We are always working towards furthering our procedures to make them as optimal as possible. We use our knowledge and skills to find new and better ways of dealing with problems which may arise, while furthermore evaluating our operational sequences to find difficulties and work on solutions.
    We are open to change and improvement as we believe that all professional companies need to develop and adapt to changing times.

    We work with the best partners.

    To meet our standards and achieve our targets we need partners with premium products and first-class service. Our business relies on our partners, therefore we have spent time and energy looking for the perfect match. Our partners are reliable, competent and market-leading. Furthermore they have the same philosophy and stand for good products and fair prices.

    We are responsible for people.

    We act and trade fairly. Those who works with us realize that tolerance and humanity are the base of our business. Our actions carry the social and ethical values of society. Everyone is treated respectfully, regardless of nationality, language, social background, ethics or religion. We support the idea of people’s free and unrestricted development and our own right to develop derives from this self-concept.

    We are responsible for the environment.

    Our economic and personal actions influence and effect the environment. We want to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible and include this principle in our actions. The protection of the environment is part  of our everyday sustainable economy.

    We are a business.

    Achieving our goals and performing our tasks keeps everyone of us busy in making decisions and taking action. Therefore we have worked on a business culture, which enforces everyone to give their best. Nobody is perfect and mistakes can happen, but we draw our conclusions out of each and optimise our business to ensure that it does not happen again.
    Due to our philosophy every one of us wants, can and will make decisions and take action; our collaboration leads to our further success.

    We are a team.

    Our business philosophy guarantees fair and respectful interaction. Everyone can feel the trust, the friendliness and the empathy in our daily routine. We ensure that this atmosphere takes place as we believe that only satisfied workers are motivated and willing to put as much effort in as possible. We foster a supportive working environment where cooperation can flourish.
    The success of a team is dependent on the strength of each team member, therefore we, as a team, support each of our team members to be as  comfortable, efficient and strong as possible.

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